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I went to hear Sara Megibow, an agent, talk this weekend at the SCBWI Boulder schmooze and she emphasized how important branding is for an author. I know we live in the west, but branding? Seriously? I might consider a tattoo but hot iron isn’t touching this body. For pity’s sake, I hate it when the shower is too hot. And let’s not talk about coffee scorching the roof of my mouth, which is why I generally only drink Frappuccinos for my caffeine fix.

Sara emphasized it was important to wait until your manuscript is ready before sending out any queries. She said when you’ve finished your manuscript you should put it in a drawer for a week and then read it again and see if you need to make changes. Then you might want to put it away for another week and give it a second read before sending it out. Well my manuscript has been in a drawer for a month and I just re-read it and it’s perfect. I didn’t change a single word so I’m sure it’s ready. Time to start querying.

Sara said the query letter should look like the back of the book cover so I bought an isbn number and I’m including the barcode with my email query. She also said you should know what genre your book fits into. My book is a vampire zombie paranormal romance so I guess I should call it a contemporary fantasy.

Sara gets a lot of queries—150 a day, 40,000 queries last year. Of those, 10,000 were for genres she didn’t handle. Of the 30,000 queries left, she only signed 3 new authors. So I need to send her 10,000 queries in order to be one of her three new authors for this year. Heck, I might even consider branding if she takes me on.


  1. I think Sara will be very impressed with the is not number. I’ll bet she doesn’t get very submissions that have it so it’ll make yours stand out. The number of submissions she gets daily is mind boggling!

  2. Maybe instead of being branded, we could get some henna and do temp WildWriter tattoos. I think that WW logo would look great, but I agree with Whiney that branding irons are a bit extreme… 😉


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